The Armata festival.

16 June 2014

“Armata” festival is the major event for Spetses island. “Armata” is a representation of the burning of Turkish flagship back on 1822 from Greek fighters for freedom. It is held on the second weekend of September...

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The Beaches you must visit while in Spetses.

24 June 2014

The island of Spetses is very close to Athens and is a magical holiday destination, for prolonged vacations or for a small getaway. The island has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and pine trees that reach the shoreline. Many of them are organized with sun beds, umbrellas and water sports.

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The Spetsathlon event.

5 July 2014

The second Spetsathlon took place from the 25th to 27th of April with great success. The race was co-organized by the Spetsathlon Committee and the Hellenic Triathlon Federation, who with its proven international expertise provided the basis for an event of high standards with judges certified by the European Federation.

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Spetses Classic Yacht Race.

11 July 2014

The Spetses Classic Yacht Race was organized for the first time in September 2011 with respect to the history and naval tradition of Spetses and Greece in an international match with Traditional Boats “against” Classic Boats.

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Spetses almond sweet delight.

16 July 2014

One of the most famous local products are the well known Spetses almond sweets called “Amigdalota”. These small, pear shaped almond sweets is the a local speciality and one of the main reasons for the huge growth of the commercial fleet of Spetses at the 18th century

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The Island's Architecture.

25 July 2014

The houses in Spetses, either mansions or simple houses, have been built with a distinctive local architecture, combination of many elements.The mansions are witnesses to the cultural and economic development, which the island has seen in the late 18th century and continues until today.

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