Spetses Classic Yacht Race.

Posted: 11 July 2014

The Spetses Classic Yacht Race was organized for the first time in September 2011 with respect to the history and naval tradition of Spetses and Greece in an international match with Traditional Boats “against” Classic Boats.

A unique international match with Traditional Boats “against” Classic Boats.

The original idea of this unique race was to unite key institutions with a common heritage classical aesthetics, combined with a world class organization that would help create a memorable event.  In particular, the race featured some of the most renowned classic yachts in Greece against the backdrop of the picturesque historic island of Spetses with its rich naval and shipbuilding tradition which is unequalled in the Mediterranean.

The 4th Spetses Classic Yacht Race held 19 to June 22,  raised a record holding participations with 72 boats competed in four categories The audience had the opportunity to meet each of the vessels in the pages of this year's limited edition provided by the Organizing Committee, which included the history and elements of all the major contestants of race.

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